Cutting edge solutions with high availability

Founded in 2013, a privately owned company, located in the heart of industrial high-tech area in Jerusalem Israel. SAS develops and markets test tools platform solution which enable full testing environment for the semiconductor industry.

With a well experienced management and cutting edge facility that includes the most advanced technologies including a Juki computerized assembly line we can guarantee our customers a state of the art assembly and testing service.

Mission Statement

To become the leading test tools provider specializing in spring contact probe & IC Test sockets ,provide engineering environment by using total interface solution from Leeno, and supplying assembly services for engineering prototypes and final quality assurance testing.

Our Services

SAS Advanced Technologies offers a unique PCB engineering and assembly service. We are the official representative of Leeno industrial inc In Israel, Leeno is the leading spring contact probe & IC Test sockets in the world and SAS strategic partner.

Our services include the following:

Full turnkey solution
  • Planning and Engineering - Our general guideline for NPI or PCB development is simple, we build the right process. By choosing the Bill of materials (BOM) and making the right component selection.
  • Full Turnkey solution - we operate dedicated planning, PCB design and manufacturing, in house SMT assembly lines which provide a comprehensive and cost effective solution.
  • Fast Assembly Line - our Assembly Line can handle small quantities, as well as, volume productions. All our services are at very competitive prices and with 100% AOI testing guarantee.
  • Quality Assurance Testing - We conduct strict PCB AOI Testing services, in order to mitigate defects and malfunctions of highly complex designs in ever decreasing form factors of components and increasing density.


SAS Advanced Technologies support global partners in the Israeli semiconductor market. We are the official business partner and representative of Leeno industrial Inc. based in Korea. In the field of spring contact, IC test sockets, and unique testing jigs.

SAS welcomes additional strategic partners to join our partnership program and Leverage our expertise to integrate their company with the Israeli advanced technology market.

For more information you are welcome to contact us.